Princess Street, Halifax, HX1 1TS
Princess Street, Halifax, HX1 1TS


The whole Julio’s Team is glad to welcome you all back in our restaurant and we will like to let you know the detailed measures that we needed to implement and also what should our customers expect and follow when dining with us. These measures are meant to offer our customers and staff a safe and comfortable environment throughout the time spent in our premisses. We are keen on protecting all our guests and our community from any present risks.

😔 We sadly need to announce that we have stopped our Early Bird Menu for the time being due to the impact that the current situation had on our business and staff.
❗️We are required to allow only reservations of up to 6 people from the same household and we have implemented 1 metre+ distance between tables and 2 metres at the entrance.
❗️On entry to the restaurant, we will check your temperature by the self-scanning monitor. If your temperature is high, unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate you.
❗️In order to book we will require as usually your full name and a telephone number which will be kept for 21 days and won’t be shared with no other parts excepting the NHS if required. We will contact you only with matters related to your reservations if needed.
💯 We have conducted a Risk Assessment and all our staff has been trained in following the guidelines provided by the Government. We can assist you at any time with any information needed.
🍷 Unfortunately, for the time being, we cannot provide any service on our Bar and Waiting Area, but we will happily take all your orders after you are sat at your reserved table.
👣 Please arrive as close as possible at the time of your booking in order to avoid queues as our waiting area it’s not open at this time and we won’t like to make you wait outdoors.
🙌  It’s very important that all our customers use the Sanitation Stations when entering the premises or using the toilets.
📋 In order to be more safe and accessible we will only provide disposable Menus and we kindly ask if possible to take it with you.
💷 Payments will be taken only from the customer’s table in order to avoid any queues inside the restaurant.
🚻 We can only allow 1 person inside the toilet at the time and our staff will happily assist you with information if needed. We have also created a one-way direction in using the toilets/exit in order to avoid risk.
👨‍👩‍👦 We are a children-friendly restaurant but during this situation, all the little ones need to be sat at all times at the table and accompanied at the toilet.
😷 Although optional, we have all decided that it will be safer if all the staff will be wearing masks and gloves in order to protect as much as possible each other and the customers.
🕰 We are required to allocate more time than usual for a throughout cleaning of tables/chairs so we can only provide 1h and 45 min per reservation but we promise that we will make up when better circumstances are announced.
🗣 We can’t engage in conversations with customers at the time being, but we will be there anytime you require anything, just let us know.
🙏 We kindly ask all the customers to remain seated at most times and to avoid raising the voice but we are confident that this won’t be a problem.
🧥 The Cloakroom cannot be accessed at the moment and all customers are required to keep their coats at the table in order to minimise contact.
🍽  Once finished your dinner, please push the plates towards the end of the table so staff can collect it without a need to lean over and have closer contact with you.
🍕 We will still provide Collections for customers that are at risk or not able to dine with us. Orders and payments will be taken over the phone on the day and the takeaway will be handed outside. A discount of 10% will be applied for takeaways.

Thank you very much for supporting us and for understanding the current requirements imposed and we are more than happy to welcome everybody back to our restaurant.

Princess Street, Halifax, HX1 1TS
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